I have written some terms for shoots with models to set out expectations and try and avoid misunderstandings on either side.

1. Sometimes shoots need to be postponed: cancellations/postponements by the model should only be made with a good reason and with as much notice as possible (at the very least 24 hours). Any cancellation that leads to an unavoidable incurring of costs by me (for example travel, hotel or studio bookings) entitles me to recover these costs, either by deduction from the payment for a future shoot, or directly. I reserve the right to recover any costs incurred by legal action if necessary.

2. Chaperones are welcome but it should be clear that they are there for the model's protection/comfort and not for any other reason. Any unnecessary interference by a chaperone may lead to the shoot being cancelled without payment. Any models under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

3. Photo ID (either passport or driving licence) should be brought along to the shoot. Failure to bring ID will lead to payment being withheld until these are supplied, or cancellation of the shoot without payment, at my discretion.

4. You should bring along everything to the shoot that has been requested by me and confirmed by email. For outdoor nude shoots this should include sensible shoes (preferably trainers) and warm comfortable clothing that does not leave marks (for between shoot warmups and location transitions). For other shoots a variety of clothing should be brought just in case it is needed. For all shoots, normal makeup and hair accessories should be brought in case - I usually do not use a make-up artist unless a particular effect is needed.

5. I expect models (or a parent/guardian if appropriate) to sign model release forms, and do not pay extra for this. I can supply my form for review beforehand if required. If a pre-signed form was requested, failure to bring it will lead to payment being withheld until this is supplied, or cancellation of the shoot without payment, at my discretion.

6. For nude or semi-nude shoots, models are expected to arrive ready to shoot with no strap marks from tight clothing, which generally means that any tight clothing (especially bras) should be removed AT LEAST two hours before the start of the shoot. These marks are problematic for shoots, and I reserve the right to delay the start of the shoot until any marks have disappeared.

7. Models should inform me before the shoot of any marks on their bodies that may affect the photographs to be taken, including tattoos, piercings, tanlines and scars. Models should also inform me of any changes to their look from the photographs I have seen (hairstyle, pubic hair, weight gain or loss, etc.). If there are marks or changed that were not declared before the shoot was booked, that affect my ability to get the pictures I want, I reserve the right to cancel the shoot without payment or reduce the length or rate as appropriate.

8. If the shoot is unable to be carried out for any of the reasons given in points 2, 3, 5 or 7, this will be regarded as an unjustified cancellation by the model and clause 1 will apply.

9. I'm happy for as many breaks to be taken as needed or wanted, but time spent eating, drinking, chatting, on the phone, etc is not to be regarded as part of my shoot time. The exception to this is time needed for warming up on outdoor shoots, which is part of the process of getting pictures under these conditions, or for full day shoots, where time to eat lunch is included.

In return models can expect this from me:

1. I will be friendly, professional and supportive throughout the shoot, and do everything possible to keep the model safe, warm, comfortable and supplied with food and drink.

2. I will not cancel/postpone a shoot without very good reasons and notice. In the case of outdoor shoots, which may need to be postponed due to weather, this would only happen in extreme circumstances. Models will be reimbursed for any costs incurred due to my cancellation or postponement.

3. Payment will be made on the day in cash (except if withheld for the reasons given in points 3 and 5 above) or by another method if prefered by the model. If payment is in the form of pictures, these will be sent promptly after the shoot, with electronic versions normally available within a few days and hard copy within 1-2 weeks.

4. Even if the shoot is paid, I will generally make a small number of sample electronic images available (generally around 20), for personal promotion use only, if required.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this before the shoot, so we can make sure any potential issues are dealt with and we can get on with having a great shoot!