About the photographs

This portfolio contains a selection of the photographs I have taken over the years, since I was given my first proper camera as an 18th birthday present by my parents (which is now more than half a lifetime ago). My main photographic interests are women, including portraits, clothed photographs, nudes and erotica, and landscapes including architecture.

The women in my photographs range from amateurs who have never posed before and just want to try it out, through to full-time professionals with a lot of experience. My earliest models were either people I knew, friends or girlfriends, or people I just asked in the street or wherever I saw them. The excitement of coaxing an inexperienced model into expressing herself is tempered by the frustrating times when someone you think you make a great model decides not to pose, or often that her boyfriend doesn't let her for whatever reason. For the last ten years and more I have mainly used models that contact me or that I find through modelling and social sites. I still prefer to work with new models who aren't too set in their ways, unless it is for a specific project that calls for experience. My ideal is a beautiful, fresh, artistically-inclined, intelligent model who is prepared to experiment to get great pictures.

My landscapes are from a variety of places, often in Britain, but also reflecting my travels to the USA and other places. I like wild places and old and new architecture especially. My ambition is to portray the wildness of the uncultivated British countryside in all its glory, which I have found very difficult to do.

I would like to thank my models, without whom very little would have been possible; buyers of my photographs who are doing a great job helping to support my work; and my friends, family and internet contacts for providing (mostly) constructive criticism.

If anyone is interested in modelling for me, then get in touch. I'm definitely always looking for new and interesting people to photograph. Rates are always negotiable, and I am quite happy to provide portfolio prints.

All the images are © Sensual Images Photography, 1988-2017. The work in these galleries is the property of the photographer, who reserves all rights associated with them. The photographs may be viewed on the internet only, and may not be reproduced, projected, altered, or used in whole or in part in any way without written permission from the copyright owner.

Technical information

All my traditional photographs are taken on 35 mm film, with my original two Olympus OM10 cameras. I used 400 ASA film (Tri-X) uprated to 800 ASA, because I like to see the grain in an image. Digital photographs have been taken with a number of cameras from 3MP up to my most recent 18MP Canon. I use tungsten lighting when in the studio, as I like to see what I am going to get, and I find that inexperienced models feel more comfortable without flashguns going off.

Traditional photographs were printed onto Ilford variable contrast fibre-based paper. I don't mess around with my prints very much - some dodging and burning, toning and retouching are the only manipulations. The quality of the reproductions on this site is only partially representative of the actual prints. Highlight detail is often lost in the scanning process, but in general no digital manipulation is carried out apart from removing dust marks, and balancing the tones to match the original print as well as possible. Digital photographs are originated in RAW format, and again I keep manipulation to a minimum: just tone and contrast balancing and the occasional minor retouch where needed.